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Welcome! Come Tour Our Cheese Factory

The Loleta Cheese Factory is open to visitors every day of the week.

Meet Bob Laffranchi, the proud owner of Loleta Cheese Company. Stop by anytime and you just might find him at the door welcoming guests into the factory for a personal tour.


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So Many To Choose From!

Loleta Cheese Factory produces over 34 flavors of cheese. Step up to the counter and feel free to sample each and every one.





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How Do We Make It?

Get a first hand education from our knowledgeable staff or the cheesemaking expert himself, Bob Laffranchi. While visiting the Loleta Cheese Factory, our great staff will walk you through the entire process.



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It's Story Time!

Bob loves to tell visitors the Loleta Cheese story. From a dream to a thriving reality, Bob and Carol Laffranchi have a passion for making great tasting cheese, and it shows.



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A Paradise of Tantalizing Goodies!

Just turn the corner and you'll find yourself surrounded with ambrosial delights of every kind. From gourmet spreads and sauces to flavor infused oils and vinegars, you'll find the perfect compliment to pair with the most craved food on earth . . . cheese.


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Wine . . . The Perfect Partner.

Loleta Cheese Factory features varietals from many of the North Coast's excellent wineries.

Wine and cheese. What could be better?




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Join Us For A Picnic.

Enjoy your selection of cheeses and goodies from our gift shop in our garden of splendor.

Picnic on lush green lawns, relax on a bench under a canape of vines, or wander meandering paths through our tranquil gardens.



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252 Loleta Drive
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