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"Tip of the Day"

"To recognize good cheese:

Not at all white like Helen, Nor weeping, like Magdalene. Not Argus, but completely blind, And heavy, like a buffalo. Let it rebel against the thumb,
And have an old moth-eaten coal. Without eyes, without tears, not at all white, Moth-eaten, rebellious, of good weight."

-(c.1400) Le Menagier

  de Paris



Humboldt Garden Cheddar
Individual Cheese

Humboldt Garden Cheddar is a unique sweet, nutty cheddar cheese and will be offered in a limited edition wooden cheese crate to members of the Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation, and its supporters. A percentage of the profits will be donated to the Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation. The cheese will then be sold in specialty markets located both outside and inside the area.

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Real Humboldt Gold
Individual Cheese

“The Real Humboldt Gold”, made with rich Jersey milk and three distinct cultures, promises to be one of our best. This cheese has been made exclusively for the Humboldt Arts Council and a percentage of profits will be donated to them, giving us the opportunity to give back to the community.

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